On (02/09/15 11:22), Prashant Bapat wrote:
>Running a freeipa-client on Amazon Linux is a huge challenge. This is
>because the client depends on SSSD which in turn uses Samba libraries which
>Amazon Linux does not support.
sssd >= 1.11 can be compiled without samba libraries.
But result is missing ad and ipa provider.
So you would need to manually configure sssd with ldap provider against

>I tried this sometime back and gave up.
>Instead we went with pam-nss-ldap route which works great with compat ldap
>schema. Run the "ipa-advise" command for more details.
>I'm running the pam-nss-ldap client on 2000+ servers in AWS with Amazon
ipa-client install has option "--no-sssd"
    -S, --no-sssd       Do not configure the client to use SSSD for


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