On (01/09/15 18:18), Yogesh Sharma wrote:
>This is fixed. On digging more found that my resolv.conf was updated and it
>was not able to find the domain. Fixing the resolv.conf with right
>nameserver, fixed the issue.
I know it was solved but you would not miss important debug
message with lover debug level.

>>> (Tue Sep  1 17:00:01 2015) [sssd[sudo]] [sss_dp_issue_request] (0x0400):
>>> Issuing request for [0x40bc10:3:vg4...@klikpay.int]
>>> (Tue Sep  1 17:00:01 2015) [sssd[sudo]] [sss_dp_get_account_msg]
>>> (0x0400): Creating request for [klikpay.int][3][1][name=vg4381]
>>> (Tue Sep  1 17:00:01 2015) [sssd[sudo]] [sss_dp_internal_get_send]
>>> (0x0400): Entering request [0x40bc10:3:vg4...@klikpay.int]
>>> (Tue Sep  1 17:00:01 2015) [sssd[sudo]] [sudosrv_check_user_dp_callback]
>>> (0x0020): Unable to get information from Data Provider
>>> Error: 1, 11, Offline
sssd was in offine mode because it was not able to connect to IPA server.


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