W dniu 01.09.2015 o 13:27, Petr Vobornik pisze:
On 08/27/2015 05:17 AM, Mateusz Małek wrote:
We're trying to adjust FreeIPA to our environment... quite a bit. Here
are some bullet points:


For points 3, 5, 6 and to limit available choices in 2, we need to plug
into Web UI. Samples at https://pvoborni.fedorapeople.org/plugins/
provided us with some basic info how to write plugins.

Glad to read that the plugin support is used. Especially in this scale.

I'd like to ask you for a feedback. What are the main things that would make extending IPA easier for you?

I think that some Web UI documentation is needed - some kind of index of available widgets (their names, parameters, some usage examples for more complex widgets like entity_select), dialog windows and facets (like search), examples for various things like how to add new batch actions (with a new button at the top of search view) or to make layout and contents of facets/dialog boxes dependent on which user is using Web UI (like self-service differs from admin view).

UI seems extremely extensible and probably many "examples" of how to do different things are already there, but it takes some time to find which part of UI uses them and can be copied to custom module (or adjusted in some other way).

Do you have some tips on how to setup programming environment for UI development?

However, I face some issues when I register my module under different
entity name instead of overriding user (I want to keep original user
module available)

Just curious, why do you want to keep the original user entity object?

Maybe not necessarily to keep original entity object, but to manage the same object using two different UI plugins (keeping original module available was quick test of such scenario). We have sysadmins - who can modify all user details - and user administrator - who needs really simple interface for creating new accounts and prolonging validity of existing.

It seems that check if (that.entity !== that.managed_entity) in
freeipa/search.js fails (condition is true), which causes
managed_entity_pkey_prefix function to return [""] instead of [] -
object inspection shows both entity and managed_entity refer to user
entity, but probably these are two different JS objects (and thats why
they are considered different). Am I doing something wrong or is it some

There is no claim that it should work so I would say that it is a limitation of original design and unfinished refactoring than a bug. The code can be improved to support multiple entity objects for the same IPA object but I'm worried that it can break something else.

Maybe simple comparison by an entity name would help.

Oh, I see. I'll probably try to find other way around, as I'm a bit short on time. Extending FreeIPA is part of my engineering thesis, but at the same time I'm applying my changes to our CentOS-based production environment - that's why I'm trying to keep existing codebase intact (and it would take some time before any changes make their way to packages in RHEL repositories).


Mateusz Małek

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