Hi everyone!

We have a gathering of Red Hat members of FreeIPA and SSSD teams in
Brno, Czech Republic this week with a lot of design and discussion
meetings. Naturally, we try to lock ourselves down in dungeons without
wifi access and without laptops (not!) to avoid distractions and great
weather of early autumn in Southern Moravia. This has unfortunate effect
of reducing our availability on the mailing lists and IRC channels.

We are apologizing in case you have something urgent to help with and
hope that someone will be able to help as time permits.

Once we re-emerge from the dungeons of Red Hat Brno offices, there
will be wiki updates and blog posts about what is discussed and
reflected on. At least, I have plans to do so on a number of topics.

On a brighter note, FreeIPA 4.2.1 is on its way to Fedora 23
repositories. It is currently pending the acceptance to updates-testing
repository so we most likely miss Fedora 23 beta release but it gives us
chances to test FreeIPA 4.1 to 4.2.1 upgrade path before final Fedora 23
release later this autumn.


Once packages are in the repositories, we'll send a proper announcement
of FreeIPA 4.2.1 release.
/ Alexander Bokovoy

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