On Tue, 15 Sep 2015, Molnár Domokos wrote:
#hostnamectl set-hostname nappali.silva
on modern systems.

doma@nappali:/home/doma> hostname --fqdn
doma@nappali:/home/doma> su
nappali:/home/doma # hostnamectl set-hostname nappali.szilva
nappali:/home/doma # hostname
nappali:/home/doma # hostname --fqdn
nappali.szilvanappali:/home/doma # su doma
sh-4.2$ sudo ls
doma's password:
 Now it works, the rule is matched.I'm not sure this is the
 intended way especially seeing the fqdn mechanism in the sudo code
 but I'll just keep it that way.Thank you.
sudo doesn't do normalization and IPA's way of exposing host names is
by using by default fqdn. So sudo compares local hostname with
fqdn-based one, guess which way it will succeed?

You theoretically could have every hostname in IPA registered non-fqdn
but what you cannot have is a mix between fqdn- and non-fqdn names.
/ Alexander Bokovoy

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