You shot right past me there, Rob. Forgive my ignorance but I'm not sure what 
you are referring to when saying "this configured", or what you are calling 

What I included was the user plugin. The UI loads it without error. But it only 
supplies a single field (which is correct) that includes the label ("E-mail 
Alias") and the textbox with ONE of the mailAlternateAddress attributes for 
that user account.

An ldapsearch returns:

dn: uid=test4,cn=users,cn=accounts,dc=domain,dc=com

For the CLI, useing "ipa user-mod --addattr=mailalternateaddress=blahblah 
<user>" (or --setattr or --delattr) work as expected, adding an additional 
entry of mailAlternateAddress for <user> (or removing, etc).

mailAlternateAddress is defined via the mailRecipient objectclass, which is 
included in FreeIPA v4.

My expected (eventually...not necessarily with how I've written the javascript) 
is that if there are no defined mailAlternateAddress attributes for a user that 
the Label will show with an 'Add' button alongside it (as E-mail address, 
Telephone Number, and Fax Number currently do). If one (or more) exists, then 
the field(s) show up with the appropriate value and a 'Delete' button at the 
end along with the 'Add' button for adding more fields.

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Do you have this configured in the user plugin? Perhaps some other piece
of the UI is confused because of either a missing or misconfigured value
for the attribute in the metadata.

If you do, how is the param configured?


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