On Mon, Sep 21, 2015 at 02:22:54PM +0000, Andy Thompson wrote:
> > 
> > On Thu, Sep 17, 2015 at 11:42:54AM +0000, Andy Thompson wrote:
> > > I've narrowed it down a bit doing some testing.  The sudo rules work when
> > I remove the user group restriction from them.  My sudo rules all have my ad
> > groups in the rule
> > >
> > >   Rule name: ad_linux_admins
> > >   Enabled: TRUE
> > >   Host category: all
> > >   Command category: all
> > >   RunAs User category: all
> > >   RunAs Group category: all
> > >   User Groups: ad_linux_admins  <- if I remove this then the rule gets
> > applied
> > 
> > Nice catch. Is the group visible after you login and run id?
> > 
> > What is the exact IPA server version?
> Ok I also figured out if I rename my AD groups to match my IPA groups then 
> the sudo rules are applied.  
> I tested a couple things though, if I put a rule in the local sudoers file on 
> a server running sssd 1.11 
> %<groupname>@<IPA domain>   "sudo commands"
> That rule was not applied.  If I remove the <IPA domain> then the rule got 
> applied.  
> On a server running sssd 1.12 that rule works, but does not work if I remove 
> the <IPA domain>.  And none of the IPA sudo rules work.  So something changed 
> with the domain suffix between versions it would appear.
> They key to making the IPA sudo rules work in 1.12 is to remove the 
> default_domain_suffix setting in the sssd.conf, but that's not an option in 
> my environment. 
> So all the moving parts together, it appears that having AD groups with a 
> different name than the IPA groups in conjunction with the 
> default_domain_suffix setting breaks things right now in 1.12.  Appears since 
> I renamed the ad group to match then the rule without a domain suffix will 
> get matched now

Hello Andy,

I'm sorry for the constant delays, but I was busy with some
trust-related fixes lately.

Did you have a chance to confirm that just swapping sssd /on the client/
while keeping the same version on the server fixes the issue for you?

Pavel (CC), can you help me out here, please? I have the setup ready on
my machine, so tomorrow we can take a look and experiment (I can give you
access to my environment via tmate maybe..), but I wasn't able to reproduce
the issue locally yet.

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