OK, this is most bizarre issue,

I am trying to disable RC4 based TLS Cipher Suites in LDAPs(port 636) and
for the life of me cannot get it to work

I have followed many nearly identical instructions to create ldif file and
change "nsSSL3Ciphers" in "cn=encryption,cn=config". Seems simple enough -
and I get it to take, and during the startup I can see the right SSL Cipher
Suites listed in errors.log - but when it starts and I probe it, RC4
ciphers are still there. I am completely confused.

I tried setting "nsSSL3Ciphers" to "default" (which does not have "RC4")
and to old style cyphers lists(lowercase), and new style cypher
lists(uppercase), and nothing seems to make any difference.

Any ideas?

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