Thank you very much.
I did as suggested, and ticket is #48292


Il 24/09/15 09:33, Ludwig Krispenz ha scritto:

can you try to get a core dump:

and open a ticket for 389 DS:


On 09/24/2015 09:08 AM, Nicola Canepa wrote:
Hello, I'm trying to setup a partial replica of the LDAP tree stored in 389-ds by FreeIPA 4.1 (under CentOS 7), so that legacy systems have a local copy of the data needed to authenticate. Those systems have already OpenLDAP installed, so I 'm trying to enable syncrepl from DS to OL. I followed this ticket: and I enabled the 2 plugins as indicated. When the slave starts and tries to sync, the ns-slapd process on FreeIPA server dies, with this in syslog:
kernel: ns-slapd[4801]: segfault at 0 ip 00007f0f041f2db6 sp 00007f0ecc7f0f38 error 4 in[7f0f0416e000+1b6000]
immediately (same second) followed by:
named[1974]: LDAP error: Can't contact LDAP server: ldap_sync_poll() failed
named[1974]: ldap_syncrepl will reconnect in 60 seconds
systemd: dirsrv@XXX.service: main process exited, code=killed, status=11/SEGV

There is nothing in access or error log (found in /var/log/dirsrv/INSTANCE) at that second (last log is 30 seconds before the problem).

Even if replica doesn't work, I think it shoundn't kill the daemon.

The ldif used on the slave:
dn: olcDatabase={1}bdb,cn=config
changetype: modify
olcSyncrepl: rid=0001
  retry="5 5 300 +"



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