On Tue, 29 Sep 2015, Sadettin Albasan wrote:
I have a freeipa server and a trust relation with AD domain with almost
everything working the way I planned except automounting NFS home
directories for domain users. I have been reading about this on the net for
almost a week, ended up trying a lot of different configurations, but I had
no success to it. The closest I came to was removing krb5 authentication
from the export and mount options. it is only then able to mount the
directories. Since I have not seen any official guidelines  about it, is
this in works or any plan to implement? Thanks.
As usual, more details are required about server and client
configuration/software in order to even guess your problems.

What provides NFS storage? What is used on the client machines? How
identity mapping is configured. Give examples of your configuration.

There are some issues in NFS identity mapping code that were fixed
relatively recently and which prevented use of POSIX users with '@' in
the name, for example.

/ Alexander Bokovoy

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