Janelle wrote:
> On 10/5/15 10:16 AM, Simo Sorce wrote:
>> On 05/10/15 11:11, Janelle wrote:
>>> So here is a fun question -- how is this possible?
>>> from ipa-replica-manage list-ruv
>>> ipa002.example.com 389  6
>>> ipa003.example.com 389  30   <----- ???? Huh???
>>> ipa003.example.com 389  33   <-----
>>> ipa004.example.com 389  24
>> ipa003 was reinstalled but the RUV was not properly cleaned
>> Simo.
> So there is no conflict even with a duplicate like that? I mean the
> server only physically exists once, so I guess it should not cause a
> problem. I mean replication seems to be working, it just seems odd that
> I saw that.  You would think that the normal ipa-replica-manage "del"
> options would do all the proper cleaning, but apparently not.

I'd recommend cleaning the unused RUV as it causes the directory server
to do work on it, even if it results in nothing.

The server should clean up RUVs upon deletion but it is done as a task
which can fail, but by that point the agreement is already gone.


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