i have two bind instances in somewhat of a multi-master server arrangement, where they share the same ldap backend via bind-dyndb-ldap. currently, they are authoritative and recursive servers, and i want to change things up a bit. i want to move the recursive function to a third device. for this, i believe i need to set a forwarder for the two current servers. i believe i would do this by adding the idnsForwarders object (with value) on the OU that is the idnsConfigObject.

i am looking for a sanity check, to ensure that i am not overlooking something important. are there any steps i am missing? i want the current two instances to be authoritative for all my forward and reverse zones, and use the forwarder for all recursion. the forwarder instance is already running, and is setup to answer queries from only the two current instances. i think i just need to point the current instances to the forwarder instance, and turn off recursion on them.

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