The company I work for  uses AD 2008R2 DC to resolve requests for Unix/Linux 
servers in various environments, under one domain
example.com, with the Realm EXAMPLE.COM ? 

Is it possible to use Freeipa 4.1.0, with an g AD-Trust with only itself as a 
name server and forwarding all DNS requests to the windows
DC's and still keep everything in the example.com domain without creating a 
child domain like  ipa.example.com ? 


Add for RedHat 7, use hostnamectl set-hostname ipa.example.com 

change the install IPA server  command to 

ipa-server-install -a mypassword1 -p mypassword2 --domain=example.com 
--realm=example.com --setup-dns --forwarder=AD_ipaddress


John Hoffmaster
Enterprise Systems Unix/Linux 
Dish Network LLC. 

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