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It's really hard to say how long it might take. I know if the replicas are under heavy replication load it can take while to complete. Either way it should not take long to complete(a few hours max) - as long as all the replicas are online. There is very good logging for cleanAllRUV in the Directory Server's errors log. If the task is hung up somewhere it should say what replica(repl agreement) is causing the task to not progress. Then from there you can look at that replica to see whats going on that system. You might have to chase down each replica until you find that one that is acting up. Typically when cleanallruv is not finishing it's because a replica is down(shutdown), or there is an old repl agreement that points to replica that no longer exists.

Here is a troubleshooting page that might also be useful:



On 10/22/2015 11:44 AM, Janelle wrote:

I was wondering if there is any average or expectation of how long a "clean-ruv" task should take across 16 fairly busy servers?

Thank you

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