On 10/31/2015 06:54 PM, Fujisan wrote:
> Hi there,
> F23 is coming out very soon and I'm wondering what machine I should upgrade
> first, the spa clients or the ipa servers?

It should not matter, for normal FreeIPA function. Older clients will not be
able to use new FreeIPA server features, but the old ones should work.

> In other words, can the ipa system work with ipa client upgraded to 4.2 and
> the servers still at 4.1.4?

Yes. Except that "ipa" command itself will not work as it cannot work older
server. You would need to use "ipa" command from the FreeIPA server itself or
some other machine with the same or lower version.

> Or do I have to upgrade the servers first?
> And should I upgrade to freeipa 4.2 first and then upgrade the machines to
> F23?

More info here:

Before you start upgrading FreeIPA servers to Fedora 23, please wait until
is fixed.

We would like to release a new FreeIPA version today or tomorrow and do the
Fedora 23 0day update with the fix. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

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