On 11/03/2015 12:05 AM, Andrew Krause wrote:
> After upgrading to 4.1 I have duplicated permission objects in my directory 
> with names including nsuniqueid.  Is it safe to delete all of these objects?  
> Somehow this is only causing an issue for a specific user hitting a specific 
> HBAC policy. 
> (Mon Nov  2 14:29:23 2015) [sssd[be[blue-shift.com]]] 
> [hbac_eval_user_element] (0x0080): Parse error on [cn=Read PassSync Managers 
> Configuration+nsuniqueid=4ae3220f-4d2b11e5-a06ffcc2-215714a9 …………..
> (Mon Nov  2 14:29:23 2015) [sssd[be[blue-shift.com]]] [hbac_ctx_to_rules] 
> (0x0020): Could not construct eval request
> (Mon Nov  2 14:29:23 2015) [sssd[be[blue-shift.com]]] 
> [ipa_hbac_evaluate_rules] (0x0020): Could not construct HBAC rules
> This is causing authentication to fail for the user in question, and I would 
> like to get rid of these useless objects if they are no longer necessary.  

It looks like you had some replication problem in your network, or maybe
upgraded 2 FreeIPA instances at the same time, so they both generated
conflicting permissions?

In any case, it should be case to delete the permissions with nsuniqueid,
FreeIPA should generate the managed permissions from scratch anyway, if they
are missing and upgrade is run again.

More info on replication conflicts here:



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