I had a working freeipa setup on a CentOS release 6.7 machine.  All was well 
until I did a yum update. Now I have multiple issue apparently based around the 
CMS (Service Unavailable) issue.

My current version of ipa-server is 3.0.0-47

Certmonger crashes with a segmentation fault at boot time and crashes every 
time I try to restart it when ipa is running.

If I stop ipa the start certmonger it starts ok and continues to run when I 
start ipa again but as soon as any requests are made like "getcert list" then 
it crashes again.

With certmonger still running I can do a request

# ipa cert-status
Request id: 20140417164153
ipa: ERROR: Certificate operation cannot be completed: Unable to communicate 
with CMS (Service Unavailable)
# service certmonger status
certmonger (pid  3030) is running...

This fault with the "Service Unavailable" originally came up when I tried to 
delete a host from the freeip gui

In the file  /var/log/dirsrv/slapd-PKI-IPA/errors file there was a Warning 
about nsslapd-cachememsize not being big enough but I don't know how to change 
it if, indeed this is anything to do with it.

Any pointers of where to look next would be much appreciated.

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