Thank you for reply. I used your links and i configured squid to use
FreeIPA/LDAP to authenticate. IMy main problem was with connection to
LDAP server cos i didnt have "Domain  Manager" credentials for ldap and
according to that doc: http://www.freeipa.org/page/Howto/Change_Directo
ry_Manager_Password from that password depends other things in freeipa.
I solve it such way:
1. Made backup of present configuration file - dse.ldif
2.  Changed password accroding to link:
3. Create LDAP user for squid like for ejabberd in this how to:
4. Restored backup of dse.ldif
5. Configured Squid to use ldap with new creditentials according to
your link: https://workaround.org/squid-ldap/
Everything is working like i was expected. Thank you for help
On Sat, 2015-11-21 at 06:53 +0100, Natxo Asenjo wrote:
> hi,
> On Fri, Nov 20, 2015 at 10:47 PM, holo <holos...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > Hello
> > 
> > How can i find FreeIPA ldap creditentials? I want to try to
> > configure Squid in similar way like it is described here for
> > ejabberd:
> > 
> > http://www.freeipa.org/page/EJabberd_Integration_with_FreeIPA_using
> > _LDAP_Group_memberships
> > 
> > 
> I do not understand the question. Do you want to user ldap with
> squid? 
> Then you need to configure an authentication helper in squid. You
> will find how to do that in the squid wiki:
> http://wiki.squid-cache.org/ConfigExamples/Authenticate/Ldap
> And for squid acls dependeing on ldap group membership take a look at
> the examples here:
> https://workaround.org/squid-ldap/
> If you have trouble configuring squid, then you should ask on the
> squid mailing list (very active, very helpful). 
> --
> Groeten,
> natxo
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