Hi all,

The problem is clear, there is a misunderstanding of the service "su" and "su-l", this is about the target users. Hence; su - to user winfried is allowed since su and su-l are added to the hbac service list of this user.

This looks a bit strange from the ui perspective, all other HBAC services are what this user is allow to do; "su" and "su-l" defines that OTHER user may become this user by using su.

A bit strange, but this is how is works. Anyone disagree?


Op 24-11-15 om 14:04 schreef Jakub Hrozek:
On Tue, Nov 24, 2015 at 12:58:42PM +0100, Winfried de Heiden wrote:
Hi all,

[winfried@ipa ~]$ ipa hbacrule-show allow_all
   Rule name: allow_all
   User category: all
   Host category: all
   Service category: all
   Description: Allow all users to access any host from any host
   Enabled: FALSE

[winfried@ipa ~]$ ipa hbacrule-show testuser
   Rule name: testuser
   Enabled: TRUE
   Users: testuser
   Hosts: fedora23-server.blabla.bla
   Services: sshd

[winfried@ipa ~]$ ipa user-show winfried
   User login: winfried
   First name: Winfried
   Last name: de Heiden
   Home directory: /home/winfried
   Login shell: /bin/bash
etc. .etc.

[winfried@ipa ~]$ ipa user-show testuser
   User login: testuser
   First name: test
   Last name: user
   Home directory: /home/testuser
   Login shell: /bin/bash
   Email address: testu...@blabla.bla
   UID: 10005
   GID: 10005
   Account disabled: False
   Password: True
   Member of groups: ipausers
   Member of HBAC rule: testuser
   Kerberos keys available: True

[[testuser@fedora23-server ~]$ su winfried
[winfried@fedora23-server testuser]$ id
UID=10001(winfried) GID=10001(winfried)

So yes, I can su to another IPA-user :(

sssd_pam now shows information, but nothing seems to go wrong...
I think you forgot to CC freeipa-users.

In this case, can you look into /var/log/secure again and into the
domain logs?

What's happening?


Op 24-11-15 om 11:43 schreef Jakub Hrozek:
On Tue, Nov 24, 2015 at 11:10:11AM +0100, Winfried de Heiden wrote:
    Hi all,

    Running as an ordinary user, straight from the beginning.

    Is the (default) suid of/usr/bin/su causing this?
    Anyway: the info requested:

    /var/log/secure will tell:
    Nov 24 11:04:11 fedora23-server su: pam_systemd(su:session): Cannot create
    session: Already running in a session
    Nov 24 11:04:11 fedora23-server su: pam_unix(su:session): session opened
    for user root by testuser(uid=10005)

Sorry, I missed this previously. So you're running "su -" as testuser
right? That's not hitting SSSD, because the target user is root, so "su"
would do:
     pam_start("su", "root", ...)

So what you're seeing is expected. Try su-ing to testuser from another
non-root user, it's going to fail.

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