On (25/11/15 10:18), Dominik Korittki wrote:
>Am 25.11.2015 um 09:28 schrieb Torsten Harenberg:
>>Dear all,
>>just wanna ask if anyone has successfully managed to get the freeipa
>>client to work on a recent Linux Mint.
>>While Mint should be more or less compatible to Ubuntu 14.04, and I had
>>no problems getting it to run on Ubuntu, I failed to get it working on Mint.
>>The installation process went smoothly and not different to those on
>>Ubuntu. I just found libpam-sss not being installed as dependency.
>>Kerberos seems to work okay as well, I can get a Kerberos token.
>>But the user names are not resolved, all IPA users are unknown.
>>I already checked /etc/nsswitch.conf and /etc/pam.d/*, but could not
>>found a real difference which could explain that.
>For me it sounds like NSS can't resolve IPA users, which is done by
>libnss_sss package (on Debian, but should be the same for Ubuntu/Mint).
>If I remember correctly libnss_sss is no hard dependency on SSSD,
>so maybe it didn't get installed along with SSSD.

It is just recomended package.

lines 79 .. 82

Package: sssd-common
Architecture: any
Depends: python, python-sss, ${misc:Depends}, ${shlibs:Depends}
Recommends: bind9-host, libnss-sss, libpam-sss, libsss-sudo


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