Any chance anyone knows more about this?

I do see the following created for the admin user:
ipaNTSecurityIdentifier: S-1-5-**-*******
but ipa-adtrust-install seems to fail and not install the attribute for any of 
the other ~50 users.
That may not help me with the sambaSID issue, but I would like to get the 
build-in tools working.
From: Youenn PIOLET []
Sent: October-19-15 8:34 AM
To: Chris Tobey
Subject: Re: [Freeipa-users] FreeNAS Authenticating Againts FreeIPA

Hi Chris,

This may come from the ipa attributes added by adtrust on user/group classes.
For example in 4.1.4: FreeIPA will add on each user the attribute (for usage):

  ipaNTSecurityIdentifier: S-1-5-**-*******

when standard samba attributes known by samba with are:

  sambaSID: S-1-5-**-*******

I guess as the OID must be different, your CIFS will not recognise the 
attribute and won't be able to use it.
I also guess it is the same for the password hash that may not be using the 
right algorithm.

You can check this directly in your IPA 365directory tree, and with dirsrv 
I suppose you would see FreeNAS trying to search for specific attributes in 
user objects that don't exist.

These informations are based on deduction but I'm not confident enough to 
assure you this is a fact :)

Youenn Piolet<>

2015-10-17 16:47 GMT+02:00 Chris Tobey 
Hi Youenn,

Thank you for the response.

I am sure the issue is related to the samba attributes not existing, but I am 
not fully clear on how to fix it.

I was trying to find out the correct steps on a CentOS system, and I think it 
is something like:
>yum remove samba-common
>yum install samba4
>yum install ipa-server-trust-ad

I thought the ipa-adtrust-install was supposed to add the samba attributes, but 
for some reason it still does not work.

Does anyone have any insight in what steps I might have missed?


From: Youenn PIOLET [<>]
Sent: October-11-15 6:49 PM
To: Chris Tobey
Cc:<>; Matt .
Subject: Re: [Freeipa-users] FreeNAS Authenticating Againts FreeIPA

Sorry for the double post.

I forgot to say that my speech is about newest versions of FreeIPA.
Maybe someone here knows something about IPA 3.0 ?
I'm not sure it used to work with ipasam module. But I suppose the problem is 
the same: you need to generate Samba schema values for your IPA users in the 


Youenn Piolet<>

2015-10-12 0:41 GMT+02:00 Youenn PIOLET 
Hi Chris,

First, to be sure were on the same page:
Without IPA, to make CIFS users authenticate against directory in a classic 
LDAP implementation, you need to extend your LDAP tree with Samba schema. The 
FreeNAS documentation is a bit light on this subjet and previous FreeNAS 
versions (stable 9.3 included) used to mess up rfc2307bis/rfc2307. I think it 
is fixed now, and know nothing about your 9.2 version. Wrote some messy stuff 
about it here:

To make CIFS users authenticate or FreeIPA recent versions (I only tried with 
4.1), I suggest you to start by reading some of our investigations in this 

[Freeipa-users] Ubuntu Samba Server Auth against IPA

When we discuss about this in august, I've spend almost a week trying to make 
this integration with FreeNAS/FreeIPA work. I quit FreeNAS without fully 
understand why it didn't work, and moved our CIFS to a dedicated Centos server. 
Matt arrived with a similar situation in Ubuntu.

To quickly summarize the issue, FreeNAS and Ubuntu CIFS work by default with module. FreeIPA developpers have built a AD trust exchange 
possibility with a custom ipasam module that isn't compiled yet for Ubuntu or 
FreeNAS. This module gives the possibility to use IPA AD trust components (e.g. 
special schema in IPA's directory managing user/group NT SID)

If you can't compile the module for FreeNAS / FreeBSD, you may need to extend 
365directory with Samba schema.
You will need to find a way to generate the new attributes when adding users or 
groups in FreeIPA, and a way to store password in a CIFS/NT understandable way. 
I don't suggest you to follow this dark path.

You can also quit FreeNAS and migrate to CentOS with ipasam as I did ;)

Good luck in your experimentations, I hope you will succeed!

Youenn Piolet<>

2015-10-11 2:06 GMT+02:00 Chris Tobey 
Hi Everyone,

I have a functioning FreeIPA server that manages all my users and I would like 
to also use it for my FreeNAS CIFS shares to authenticate against.

Does anyone know what needs to be run on both servers to get this working? I 
believe it has something to do with Samba properties on the FreeIPA side.

I had tried asking the FreeNAS forums but they were of no help 

I have seen similar requests and success stories, but no actual steps on how to 
do it.

FreeIPA v3.0.0-42 running on CentOS 6.6.
FreeNAS (can use 9.3 if easier, was trying to get it working before 
dealing with certs).

Any help is appreciated.


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