On 30.11.2015 10:12, Andreas Calminder wrote:
This might be trivial but I want to double check the preferred way of upgrading my ipa environment, I have 3 servers (Running Rhel 7.1, ipa 4.1), 1 acting as master with a ca (external certificate), the replicas are also ca's, they're only syncing to and from the master, unaware of each other. The replicas handle all client requests. The master also run a one-way winsync agreement with one of our active directory servers.

For some reason I think that I should start by upgrading the replicas and upgrade the master last, but I don't know why, I might have read it in somewhere, long ago. Is this the preferred way, does order even matter? The documentation just says /yum update ipa-server/ which seems easy enough, but I'd rather double check.

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replicas and master are equal, so it should not matter which is upgraded as first.


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