On 2.12.2015 22:02, Alexander Bokovoy wrote:
> On Wed, 02 Dec 2015, Andy Thompson wrote:
>> Since updating to RHEL 7.2 I've got issues with ns-slapd hanging the
>> system up after a period of time.  The directory becomes unresponsive
>> to searches or any connections.  After a restart I see
>> [02/Dec/2015:15:27:41 -0500] - slapd started.  Listening on All Interfaces
>> port 389 for LDAP requests
>> [02/Dec/2015:15:27:41 -0500] - Listening on All Interfaces port 636 for
>> LDAPS requests
>> [02/Dec/2015:15:27:41 -0500] - Listening on /var/run/slapd-MHBENP-LIN.socket
>> for LDAPI requests
>> [02/Dec/2015:15:27:44 -0500] NSMMReplicationPlugin -
>> agmt="cn=meTomdhixnpipa02.mhbenp.lin" (mdhixnpipa02:389): Replication bind
>> with GSSAPI auth resumed
>> [02/Dec/2015:15:27:47 -0500] NSMMReplicationPlugin - replication keep alive
>> entry <cn=repl keep alive 4,dc=mhbenp,dc=lin> already exists
>> In the logs and occasionally the keepalive entry message is seen a few times
>> and then eventually the ns-slapd taps the system.  100% util, system load
>> crawls up between 30 and 40 and eventually I have to restart the service to
>> get it to respond again.  Memory usage is normal, db and entry cache is
>> sufficient.. possibly a little on the high side but resource is sitting
>> there asking to be used :)
>> Running 389-ds-base- after the update yesterday.
>> What additional information can I provide?
> install debuginfo for 389-ds-base and slapi-nis, and take a pstack
> output for ns-slapd pid.

For detailed instructions please see

Petr^2 Spacek

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