Łukasz Jaworski wrote:
> Hi,
> We have strange problems in our environment.
> After ipa-csreplica-manage re-initialize servers crash (it happens very
> often, after second or third try, all dc, and pki replication gone. I've
> reinstalled server and setup new replication). There aren't any
> information in logs. It looks like process stops without any notice.
> During ipa-csreplica-manage re-initialize server shows:
> Update in progress, 3 seconds elapsed Update succeeded
> but dirsrv is gone. ps -ax |grep dirsrv shows nothing.
> after start dirsrv, replication is broken: The remote replica has a
> different database generation ID than the local database. You may have
> to reinitialize the remote replica, or the local replica.
> some information about our setup: Fedora 23 (updated from 22)
> freeipa-server-4.1.4-4.fc22.x86_64 389-ds-base-
> 389-ds-base-libs- krb5-server-1.13.2-7.fc22.x86_64
> krb5-workstation-1.13.2-7.fc22.x86_64 krb5-pkinit-1.13.2-7.fc22.x86_64
> krb5-libs-1.13.2-7.fc22.x86_64
> Best regards, Łukasz Jaworski Ender

Install debuginfo for 389-ds-base and do another reinitialize and get a
stack trace. See


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