Hello Everyone,

I'm using IPA on a CentOS 7 box at home (because why not?). I'm running
into a problem which so far has stumped me.

The host running the IPA master is on the protected LAN subnet (let's
call it The replica I'm now trying to setup is running in the
"dmz" subnet (this one can be I've opened the required ports
between them so they can communicate.

When I do the replica install, everything appears to run along smoothly
until this happens:


Connection from master to replica is OK.

ipa         : DEBUG    Process finished, return code=0
Connection check OK
ipa         : DEBUG    Starting external process
ipa         : DEBUG    args='/sbin/ip' '-family' 'inet' '-oneline'
'address' 'show'
ipa         : DEBUG    Process finished, return code=0
ipa         : DEBUG    stdout=1: lo    inet scope host lo\ 
      valid_lft forever preferred_lft forever
2: eth0    inet brd scope global eth0\      
 valid_lft forever preferred_lft forever

ipa         : DEBUG    stderr=
ipa         : WARNING  Invalid IP address for
ipa02.thedmzsubnet.dmz: cannot use IP network address
Enter the IP address to use, or press Enter to finish.
Please provide the IP address to be used for this host name:


Why is this happening? DNS appears to be ok. The replica has the
hostname and IP pair in /etc/hosts. The replica is also using the
master as its DNS server.

Any help is appreciated.


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