I just upgraded my SL7 box to ipa-server-4.2.0, but this process appears to
have broken ipa.  From the ipaupgrade.log:

2015-12-07T17:47:46Z DEBUG Starting external process
2015-12-07T17:47:46Z DEBUG args='/bin/systemctl' 'is-active' 
2015-12-07T17:47:46Z DEBUG Process finished, return code=3
2015-12-07T17:47:46Z DEBUG stdout=unknown

2015-12-07T17:47:46Z DEBUG stderr=
2015-12-07T17:47:46Z ERROR IPA server upgrade failed: Inspect
/var/log/ipaupgrade.log and run com
mand ipa-server-upgrade manually.
2015-12-07T17:47:46Z DEBUG   File
"/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/ipapython/admintool.py", line
 171, in execute
    return_value = self.run()
line 50, in ru
    raise admintool.ScriptError(str(e))

2015-12-07T17:47:46Z DEBUG The ipa-server-upgrade command failed, exception:
ScriptError: Certmon
ger is not running. Start certmonger and run upgrade again.
2015-12-07T17:47:46Z ERROR Certmonger is not running. Start certmonger and run
upgrade again.

I'm running in a CA-less mode and so certmonger is disabled on my system.  I
started certmonger and was able to complete the upgrade manually, but this
looks like a bug in the upgrade script.  Sound correct?

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