Im trying to import and use a certificate profile in IPAv4.2 on RHEL.

I've exported the default caIPAServiceCert profile and did the following 
< profileId=caIPAserviceCert
> profileId=KPNWebhostingAEM
> policyset.serverCertSet.1.default.params.name=CN=$request.req_subject_name.cn$,

  Profile ID: KPNWebhostingAEM
  Profile description: KPN Webhosting AEM
  Store issued certificates: TRUE

  ACL name: ING Intermediairs AEM Application Servers
  Enabled: TRUE
  Profiles: KPNWebhostingServiceCertAEM, KPNWebhostingAEM
  Host Groups: xxx_accp_applications, xxx_prod_applications

Trying to request a certificate for a server
ipa-getcert request -r -I mongo2 -f /etc/pki/tls/certs/host.crt -k 
/etc/pki/tls/certs/host.key  -TKPNWebhostingAEM

Results in:
ipa-getcert list
Number of certificates and requests being tracked: 1.
Request ID 'mongo2':
        status: CA_UNREACHABLE
        ca-error: Server at https://pvlipa1001c.ipadomain/ipa/xml failed 
request, will retry: 4301 (RPC failed at server.  Certificate operation cannot 
be completed: FAILURE (Policy Set Not Found)).
        stuck: no
        key pair storage: type=FILE,location='/etc/pki/tls/certs/host.key'
        certificate: type=FILE,location='/etc/pki/tls/certs/host.crt'
        CA: IPA
        expires: unknown
        pre-save command:
        post-save command:
        track: yes
        auto-renew: yes

Since the same setup was working to request certificates on my lab environment 
I'm at a loss what is causing the error.

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