I’ve setup an IPA-Server with a handful of clients and AD-Trust.
The server is a CentOS7.1 with IPA4.1 and the clients are mostly Ubuntu Server 
14.04 LTS.
Our IPA-Domain is like ipa-domain.com and our AD-Domain is like 
ad-domain.local, but our user principals in AD are 
u...@old-domain.com<mailto:u...@old-domain.com> for backward compatibility.

On the Ubuntu clients I can login with my AD-Credentials, but when trying to do 
the same on a joined CentOS Server I can’t login.
In the logs I can see, that there is no KDC for OLD-DOMAIN.COM is found.

Why does this scenario works on Ubuntu but not on CentOS?
Can I do something about this?

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