IPA 4.2 hit the Centos 7 mirrors a day or two ago.

It looks like the behaviour of the installer has changed somewhat with regards to the 2 phase --external-ca install

Previously, we ran:

command => "/sbin/ipa-server-install -U -a '${ipa_admin_pwd}' -p '${ipa_admin_pwd}' --hostname='${::fqdn}' -r '${ipa_realm}' -n '${::domain}' --mkhomedir --setup-dns --forwarder= --external-ca",


command => "/sbin/ipa-server-install -p ${ipa_admin_pwd} --external-cert-file=/root/ipa.crt --external-cert-file=/etc/pki/ca-trust/source/anchors/root_ca.crt",

this worked fine.

The behaviour on IPA 4.2 is different - it will leave you without a DNS server if you use the above commands. It doesn't seem to pass some options through to the 2nd phase installer, one of which is the DNS configuration.

We've now switched to this.

$ipa_install_command = "/sbin/ipa-server-install -U -a '${ipa_admin_pwd}' -p '${ipa_admin_pwd}' -r '${ipa_realm}'"

command => "${ipa_install_command} --hostname='${::fqdn}' -n '${::domain}' --external-ca",

command => "${ipa_install_command} --external-cert-file=/root/ipa.crt --external-cert-file=/etc/pki/ca-trust/source/anchors/root_ca.crt --mkhomedir --setup-dns --forwarder= ",

It seems you have to supply more information to the phase2 installer than in IPA 4.1.

We do more than 10 installs of IPA per day as part of CI, I think now we're back to a working configuration again.

Hopefully this will help others who come along this path.

James M

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