Hi all,

I changed the group names so the alpabetical order changes, no effect. However, sorting the corresponding SID's, the first SID belongs to the group always shown.

Mmmm, only the first one is taken and the rest is thrown out...?



Op 16-12-15 om 10:01 schreef Sumit Bose:
On Wed, Dec 16, 2015 at 09:46:37AM +0100, Winfried de Heiden wrote:
Hi all,

Adding AD-users to an IPA external group seems to be problematic. However,
adding AD-groups (with AD-users as members) to a IPA external groups seems to
work well. Four group were created and all are shown.
Thank you, this is a very useful information, I hope that I will be able to
reproduce the issue with this and the data you send me by private email.


Smell a bit like a bug, does't it?


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