Thanks, John and Nicola

Kerberos occurred to me as well late in the day yesterday. Happily (?), knit works fine simply specifying the user in question with no need to suffix with the kerberos realm

I did find that my test user had an expired password, which i fixed on the IPA server. This was never flagged up under Linux, btw. It has not change anything, however, other than not prompting for password changes that never take effect. Funnily, it expired in the midst of testing - fun.

I was mistaken when i said i was unable to log in - it turns out that it takes almost 10 minutes for a login from the frintend to complete - i just didn't wait long enough. 10 mins is of course unacceptable :) "su - user" and "login user" fail outright after rejecting accept any user's password

DNS is fine and i can resolve ldap and kerberos SRV records from the Mac

In line with Nicola's experience, i can browse groups and users in the Directory Editor and all attributes appear spot on.

Besides modding /etc/pam.d/authorization, adding a corrected to /LibraryPreferences and setting up the directory per, can anyone think of something i may have missed? It's a real shame that the documentation on this stops around 5 years ago.

IPA devs: is there anything i should be on the lookout for in the dirsrv or krb5 logs on the IPA master? I've disabled the secondary to prevent replication from clouding the log events

thanks, everyone

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On 21/12/15 07:57, Nicola Canepa wrote:
Hello, I tried 2 weeks ago from Mavericks (OSX 10.9), but I had the opposite problem: kinit works fine, while I'm unable to see users with Directory Admin ((it always says it cant' connect, either with or without SSL)
I disabled anonymous searches in 389-ds, by the way.


Il 21/12/15 07:50, John Obaterspok ha scritto:
Hi Cal,

Does a kinit work from a terminal? Does it work if you use "kinit user" or just if you use "kinit user@REALM.suffix"

-- john

2015-12-20 15:09 GMT+01:00 Cal Sawyer < <>>:

    Hi, all

    I'm attempting to set up LDAP auth (against IPA server 4.10) from
    a OSX 10.10.5 (Yosemite) client

    Using the excellent instructions at,
    I've populated the specified files, d/l'd the cert, am able to
    configure Users and Groups objects/attribs and browse both from
    within OSX's Directory Utility. ldapsearch similarly returns the
    expected results.

    In spite of this, i'm unable to authenticate as any IPA-LDAP user
    on this system

    dirsrv log on the ipa master shows no apparent errors - remote
    auth attempts exit with "RESULT err=0 tag=101 nentries=1
    etime=0", but tell the truth, there so much stuff there and being
    rather inexperienced with LDAP diags i might easily be missing
    something in the details

    The <> instructions were written in the
    10.7-10.8 era so something may have changed since.  Having said
    that, we've had no problems authenticating against our existing
    OpenLDAP server (which IPA is slated to replace) right up to
    10.10.5 with no zero to our Directory Utility setup.

    Hoping someone here has some contemporary experience with OSX and
    IPA and for whom this issue rings a bell?

    many thanks

    Cal Sawyer | Systems Engineer | BlueBolt Ltd
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