I need to migrate the users from an existing IPA server to a new IPA server on 
an isolated network.  It appears that “ipa migrate-ds” works only when direct 
connection to source LDAP server is possible.  I have searched with no success 
for a method that would be more like an LDIF-based migration.  These servers 
are in different realms and so have different base DNs.  My hope is that I 
could create an LDIF file from a query against the source server, modify 
records to reflect the new base DN, copy result to destination server, and 
import it there.

Can anyone direct me to some good resources or other recommendations to 
accomplish this?

The source server in this case is CentOS 7 with FreeIPA v4.1.0.  The planned 
destination server is RHEL 7 with FreeIPA v4.2.0.

Thanks much in advance!


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