On Wed, 30 Dec 2015, Matt . wrote:
He Alexander!

I saw your post some time form some time ago on your G+ page and I see
you guys are really making a lot of progres, there is a lot todo, but
it's great, really!

What you say is right, but I thought this was fixed by the newer SSSD
package from 1.12.2+ or so, need to check that out.
I did the check on 15.10+updates, so no, there is no change. And why
would it be if both Samba and SSSD packages need to be actively changed,
as well as libldap needs to be updated, and so on.

For the moment I cannot move to CentOS for this machine, I can
actually add another VM for Samba with CentOS, but also here I had an
issue in the past, CentOS 7 and IPA 4.

Which version should be working, so Distro (I prefer CentOS), IPA,
SSSD and Samba ?
CentOS 7/RHEL 7/Fedora 22+ should work fine with Kerberos just like John

/ Alexander Bokovoy

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