here is what I did on my system - may be helpful to others as well.

Cockpit: enable Single-Sign-On with FreeIPA

I wanted to use SSO to access the Cockpit already installed on my
freeipa server.

Upstream documentation is on
http://cockpit-project.org/guide/latest/sso.html, so we only add some
remarks here.

| There must be a valid Kerberos host key for the server in the
| /etc/krb5.keytab file. It may be necessary to create a kerberos
| service principal and update the keytab if it is not
| present. Depending on your domain type different service names are
| required:
| Active Directory      HOST/server.example....@example.com
| IPA and MIT           HTTP/server.example....@example.com

This has already happened - apache on my server uses the service
HTTP/server.example....@example.com, but the service is not present in
the server keytab. So we need to add the service principal there.

If we just generate a new keytab, we invalidate the keytab used by
apache. So we need to only retrieve the keytab, not regenerate
it. This is only possible after we allowed the retrieval of the
keytab for either the admin principal, the host principal or some
users/host groups. Here we go for the host principal:

# kinit admin
# ipa service-allow-retrieve-keytab HTTP/freeipa.jochen....@jochen.org 

Finally we retrieve the service keytab into /etc/krb5.keytab:

# ipa-getkeytab -r -s freeipa.jochen.org -p HTTP/freeipa.jochen....@jochen.org 
-k /etc/krb5.keytab

After that Single Sign On works as expected.


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