On (06/01/16 10:44), bahan w wrote:
>Hello !
>I send you this mail because I am using this topology :
>- FreeIPA 3.0.0-42
>- RHEL6.6
>- Two masters (replicated)
>- n clients
>My question is the following :
>May I use for some clients sssd and for others the couple nscd/nslcd ? I
>would like to perform tests to compare both and I wondering if I can do
>that ?
ipa-client-install has argument "--no-sssd" which shoudl configure
machine with nslcd + pam_ldap.

I have never used it. If it doesn't work you might configure
it yourself. There is no blocker.

But failover in sssd is in better state than in nslcd
and pam_ldap in rhel6.6 create ldap connection to server with
each authentication + another ldap connection in nslcd.
So load of your server might be higher that with sssd.
it depends on counf of client machines and count of users
which will use that machine.

I would like to ask why do you want to compare both.
Is sssd slow for you?


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