Thanks both of you for your answers.

Simo, MIT Kerberos and OpenLDAP can work on their own and provide the same
kind of service that we want from IPA, even if it is not embedded in
integrated solution like IPA.

I totally agree that IPA provides a lot of things but I am quite sure the
isolated softwares like MIT Kerberos for Kerberos, OpenLDAP for LDAP and a
cache client like sssd or nscd/nslcd can work.

Alexander, when I mention migration, I think of the following actions :
1. Take the principals that we have for the KDC and recreate them in an MIT
Kerberos KDC architecture
2. Take the users/groups/pwpolicies in the LDAP and recreate them in an
openLDAP architecture

Do you know if there is other things necessary to recreate in the LDAP or
in the KDC ?

Additionnaly, do you have a list of points which could help to convince to
keep the freeipa architecture ?

Best regards.


On Wed, Jan 13, 2016 at 3:33 PM, Alexander Bokovoy <>

> On Wed, 13 Jan 2016, bahan w wrote:
>> Hello Simo !
>> For the reason :
>> The production team wants to use only the two components openLDAP and MIT
>> Kerberos, possibily on different servers.
>> For the explanation :
>> They want to install only MIT Kerberos and openLDAP.
>> We already have an existing FreeIPA installation, with users, groups,
>> principals, pwpolicies.
>> We would like to migrate this to an openLDAP for the users, groups and
>> pwpolicies, and to another MIT Kerberos for the principals (hope I'm not
>> forgetting anything).
> FreeIPA provides own LDAP driver for MIT Kerberos that relies on IPA
> LDAP schema. Standard MIT Kerberos LDAP driver does not support IPA
> schema.
> Additionally, 389-ds LDAP server FreeIPA uses is coupled with about two
> dozen additional plugins. These plugins either don't exist for OpenLDAP
> at all or have different behavior and rely on different LDAP schema.
> In short, if you move the data from 389-ds to OpenLDAP, it wouldn't be
> used by MIT Kerberos LDAP driver because it doesn't know about that
> data, and OpenLDAP server will not have the same behavior as expected by
> IPA clients (SSSD) for IPA-specific mode.
> Whatever your production team is thinking about this move, it is most
> certainly not properly thought out.
> --
> / Alexander Bokovoy
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