Since I got the service back up and running, I was continuing my tests/learning 
by following the steps on the V4 Migrating existing environments to Trust page:

[root@vmts-linuxidm ~]# id
uid=1750693931( gid=1750693931( 

Success and joy.

[root@vmts-linuxidm ~]# ipa idoverrideuser-add 'Default Trust View' --uid 1506
Added User ID override ""
  Anchor to override:
  UID: 1506


[root@vmts-linuxidm ~]# sudo systemctl restart sssd 

[root@vmts-linuxidm ~]# id
uid=1750693931( gid=1750693931( 

Huh? The documentation linked to above says that uid should now be 1506?

I went searching in the website - took me a while to find it, but it was there 
- see attached image. The uid had been updated *somewhere*, but the id command 
wasn't seeing it.

Maybe a full ipa restart would help?

Ipactl restart

And samba is failing again. Ouch. Brb.


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