On 26.01.2016 17:39, Terry John wrote:
Thanks for this. I've had a look today
We are running:

ipa-server.x86_64                             3.0.0-47.el6.centos

and some of the directives did not work, namely  allowWeakCipher, sslVersionMin 
 and sslVersionMax . So I commented them out
The ldapupdater then seems happy but when I went to restart IPA. The ldap 
server wasn't happy with cipher TLS_RSA_WITH_AES_256_CBC_SHA256 and would not 

Now I can't change anything and it doesn't work. Reaching for my backup.....
IMO you can manually change dse.ldif, remove cipher from there and start DS
the file should be in /etc/dirsrv/slapd-/|instance_name|/


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On 2016-01-21 17:54, Terry John wrote:
Thanks for the info. I have tried nearly all the NSSCipherSuite settings in 
that ticket but none so far has eliminated the FREAK report.
Christian thanks for the heads up on the syntax, I wasn't sure of what
I was doing

Each time I've made a change I've run an sslscan from the OpenVAS scanner and I 
do get a different result each time but the errors still remains in OpenVAS.
Aaargh! Just noticed the port is 636/tcp(!) which is ns-slapd.

Back to the drawing board :-)
Hi Terry,

you can give the attached file a try. It's a ldif file for ipa-ldap-updater. 
You need to run the command on the machine as root and restart 389-DS.

The hardened TLS configuration is highly experimental and comes with no 
warranty whatsoever. The configuration works on my tests systems with Python's 
ldap client and Apache Directory Studio. It may not work with other clients, 
especially older clients or clients in FIPS mode.


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