On (26/01/16 12:47), Rob Crittenden wrote:
>Günther J. Niederwimmer wrote:
>> Am Dienstag, 26. Januar 2016, 17:13:03 CET schrieb Ludwig Krispenz:
>> Hello Ludwig,
>>> you got a replicaid (97) leftover form the previous install for the
>>> o=ipaca backend. The other backend is ok, ipa-replica-manage del did the
>>> cleanup, but ipa-csreplica-manage doesn't. So you have to clean it
>>> manually by an ldap command.
>> :-(
>>> Execute the following mod on one of the servers:
>>> ldapmodify -D "cn=directory manager" -W -a
>>> dn: cn=clean 97, cn=cleanallruv, cn=tasks, cn=config
>>> objectclass: extensibleObject
>>> replica-base-dn: o=ipaca
>>> replica-id: 97
>>> cn: clean 97
>> Thanks for the Help but .... 
>> I copy all in one line but something is wrong with this mod,  i have only 
>> the 
>> Help screen with the parameters ?
>Add -x after ldapmodify.
>After the last line put in an extra linefeed then ctrl-D to submit the
LDIF does not look like for ldapmodify.
should it have been a ldapadd?


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