On (28/01/16 16:25), Jeff Hallyburton wrote:
>We saw the following happen on a system today, and wanted to follow up:
>System became unresponsive to ssh logins with the error:
>ssh -v incentives01

># cat /var/log/sssd/sssd.log
>(Thu Jan 28 20:15:56 2016) [sssd] [mt_svc_sigkill] (0x0010): [enervee.com][620]
>is not responding to SIGTERM. Sending SIGKILL.
>(Thu Jan 28 20:16:27 2016) [sssd] [talloc_log_fn] (0x0010): talloc: access
>after free error - first free may be at src/monitor/monitor.c:2760
>(Thu Jan 28 20:16:27 2016) [sssd] [talloc_log_fn] (0x0010): Bad talloc
>magic value - access after free
There was a crash in sssd. It might explain why you cannot login.
Which version of sssd do you have?


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