On Tue, 02 Feb 2016, Simpson Lachlan wrote:
In the docs, there is a section called "Installing the client".


The very first step contains language that is not explained.

"For a regular user system" has one install method, and "An
administrator machine" has another.

There is no indication what an administrator machine might be used for
- is this a replica? Is it a system that can run ipa commands on behalf
of the ipa-server?

What is the difference between a regular user system and an
administrator machine?
If you want to administer IPA from the command line, you need to install IPA
command line tools. This is what it calls as 'administrator machine'.

For a regular client system you wouldn't be running 'ipa' command, thus
installing ipa-admintools is not needed.

I agree it is a bit terse there so it might be a good idea to file a
documentation bug against 'ipa' component of RHEL 7.

/ Alexander Bokovoy

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