I've been doing some reading and perhaps I'm confusing myself, but I
couldn't find any definitive guide on how to go about doing what I
think it a pretty simple thing.

My ipa-client installs appear to generate a new TLS/SSL/PKI cert for
each host when they are registered.  I'd like to utilize that
certificate with Apache/tomcat/etc..  I'm aware of how to obtain the
certificate itself, however I'm not clear on how to obtain the private
key (in a format that I can use as well) that was used to generate the

Would someone kindly point me in the right direction or ideally just
educate me on the command/options needed to do this.  In particular,
I'm looking to create pem files for both the key and cert for use with
Apache, but it would be useful to understand how to do it for other
stores as well.  (Hint: this would be great to just have in a document
that makes it clear). :)

Thanks again to the freeipa team.  I love this product.

-- Chris

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