Hi all,

We are currently running a 3-replica (all are setup with the —setup-ca flag) 
cluster on Fedora 21, with FreeIPA 4.1.4.

We would like to slowly upgrade to the new version and move away from Fedora to 
CentOS 7.2.

We were thinking of the following:

- Create 3 CentOS machines with —setup-ca flag so that our current cluster is 6.
The first CentOS VM would then probably update the DB schema to the new FreeIPA 
- Remove the Fedora VMs 1 by 1 from the cluster using ipa-replica-manage del 
- Be happy?

1. Could you please advise if this is considered the safest practise?
2. Do we have to update to intermediate versions and if so how?

Could we do anything else?

Thank you for any hints,

Kind regards,

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