Right, I haven't messed with IDMU in quite some time, so I'm not exactly sure.

Personally, I override using sssd, because all of my users use bash by default.

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AD users (e.g. how do I set a shell for an AD User)

Hi Josh,

I think that's exactly the problem though, how does one set POSIX attributes in 
AD from Linux guests?

The RedHat documentation has a big warning that the Microsoft IDMU has been 

>> https://access.redhat.com/documentation/en-US/Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux/7/html/Windows_Integration_Guide/ex.sssd-ad-posix.html

Surely you're not suggesting manually editing the AD Schema...?

Also, another use case is ssh keys.  I'm not even sure that IDMU has an option 
for "authorized_keys"  (and FreeIPA doesn't seem to honor what's in 
.ssh/authorized keys...  when that file exists I always get prompted for a 
password then access denied).

I'm sure there are other per-user level attributes that are required, home 
directory perhaps?, but the two big ones are shell and ssh keys.  I can't be 
the only one who has a use case for managing these attributes for Active 
Directory users.

Jon A

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For AD users, I believe you have two options.

1) Set the POSIX value on the user in AD for the shell
2) Set the following in your client's sssd.conf:

override_shell = /bin/bash

This would obviously be global per IPA client.


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Subject: [Freeipa-users] [freeipa-users] How to manage Linux attributes for AD 
users (e.g. how do I set a shell for an AD User)


How does one manage linux attributes for AD users.  Primarily in my case, I'm 
looking to change the default shell to either Bash or KSH depending on the user.

I can create a .profile that either sources bash or ksh rcs... e.g.:

>> $ cat ~/.profile
>> bash ./.bashrc

This is really less than ideal and just seems like the wrong way to do it, 
especially considering we have a tool like FreeIPA.

According to 
 they are no longer supporting Identity Management for Unix.  Does FreeIPA 
honor the attributes set by IDMU?  Even if it's deprecated, I suppose we could 
continue to use it...
This previous FreeIPA 
seems to indicate you can force the shell for anyone in the domain logging into 
that machine, but we have some users who prefer one shell over the other.

I did what I believe to be standard, I created a security group in AD, added 
that group to a group an external group in FreeIPA, then made an internal group 
and added the external group as a member to the internal group.  Unfortunately, 
this doesn't seem to expose any of the AD attributes for management.  Or maybe 
I'm just misunderstanding...

Any thoughts?  How are you managing individual AD user settings?

Jon A

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