Jon wrote:

How do I configure automount for Ubuntu 14.04 clients?  My procedure on
CentOS has been: install free-ipa client, run ipa-client-install (auto
configures with dns discovery), run ipa-client-automount.  However, when
I run this on the ubuntu client, I receive the following errors:

 >> root@ubuntu-1404-x8664:~# ipa-client-automount -U
 >> Searching for IPA server...
 >> IPA server: DNS discovery
 >> Location: default
 >> Configured /etc/nsswitch.conf
 >> Configured /etc/default/nfs-common
 >> Configured /etc/idmapd.conf
 >> rpcidmapd failed to restart: Command '/usr/sbin/service rpcidmapd
restart ' returned non-zero exit status 1
 >> rpcgssd failed to restart: Command '/usr/sbin/service rpcgssd
restart ' returned non-zero exit status 1

As these are not the names of these services on Ubuntu, this will never

 >> root@ubuntu-1404-x8664:~# service idmapd restart
 >> idmapd stop/waiting
 >> idmapd start/running, process 428
 >> root@ubuntu-1404-x8664:~# service gssd restart
 >> stop: Unknown instance:
 >> gssd start/running, process 567

Unfortunately, this appears to be hardcoded values in the install script:

 >>     290     if statestore.has_state('rpcidmapd'):
 >>     291         enabled = statestore.restore_state('rpcidmapd',
 >>     292         running = statestore.restore_state('rpcidmapd',
 >>     293         rpcidmapd = ipaservices.knownservices.rpcidmapd
 >>     294         if not enabled:
 >>     295             rpcidmapd.disable()
 >>     296         if not running:
 >>     297             rpcidmapd.stop()
 >>     298     if statestore.has_state('rpcgssd'):
 >>     299         enabled = statestore.restore_state('rpcgssd', 'enabled')
 >>     300         running = statestore.restore_state('rpcgssd', 'running')
 >>     301         rpcgssd = ipaservices.knownservices.rpcgssd

Is Ubuntu not supported with FreeIPA?  Is there an updated install
script?  I installed the freeipa-client from public repos.

One guy volunteers his time porting IPA to Ubuntu. He has invested a fair bit of time in generalizing other hardcoded elements in IPA. It's possible he hasn't gotten to ipa-client-automount yet or it hasn't been pushed out in a build yet.


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