Every year FreeIPA/SSSD/... developers gather together in Brno, Czech
Republic at the beginning of February to participate in DevConf.cz, a
local conference which originally started as Red Hat's event and grew
quickly into one of biggest free software events in Eastern Europe.

This year devconf.cz was also joined by JBoss conference and had up to 7
talks in parallel at the same time. Overall, there were 1200+ visitors
on Friday and about 2/3 of that Saturday/Sunday.

We had several talks related to FreeIPA and a practical workshop
dedicated to deployment of FreeIPA and use of its features. Most of the
sessions were streamed live and are now available on youtube.

Below are some talks, I'm trying to give links to the time when actual
talk did start as often streaming started by schedule:

FreeIPA workshop by Torsted Scherf and German Parente
Part1: https://youtu.be/cxRK1MExMsc?t=4m57s
Part2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RBzL1_3nKH4

Atomic, with and without Atomic, by Jan Pazdziora:

Enterprise desktop at home with FreeIPA and GNOME, by yours truly:
Integrating IdM with Red Hat Openstack: Improving security in the Cloud,
by Ade Lee and Rob Crittenden:

Ipsilon: how to deploy federation, by Patrick Uiterwijk:

New cryptography for binding data to third parties, by Nathaniel

I may have well missed other talks that mentioned or used FreeIPA under
the hood, so if you were at the conference or found something about the
FreeIPA in other talks recorded by https://www.youtube.com/RedHatCzech,
feel free to add to the list!

Happy watching!

/ Alexander Bokovoy

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