I now have a CA-less installation of FreeIPA 4.2 which seems to be working OK.

The initial server was installed with the following command:

ipa-server-install \
  -U \
  -n ipa.wandisco.com \
  -p '********' \
  -a '********' \
  --mkhomedir \
  --setup-dns \
  --no-forwarders \
  --no-dnssec-validation \
  --dirsrv-cert-file=/root/ssl/GandiWildcardIPA.pfx \
  --dirsrv-pin='********' \
  --http-cert-file=/root/ssl/GandiWildcardIPA.pfx \
  --http-pin='********' \
  --dirsrv-cert-name=GandiWildcardIPA \
  --http-cert-name=GandiWildcardIPA \
  --idstart=1100 \

Both LDAP and HTTP certificates are correctly installed.

My question is, how do I renew LDAP/HTTP certificates?

I'm struggling to find a step-by-step instructions on how to do this without breaking anything.

This is one of the last tests I need to perform before moving this FreeIPA setup into production.

Any info is greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,
 Peter Pakos

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