On 10.2.2016 20:05, Chris Lajoie wrote:
> Hi, I am using the bind-dyndb-ldap package (not full FreeIPA) and I am having 
> a problem where it appears that the plugin is not getting loaded by BIND at 
> all. I have nothing in the logs at all from the plugin. No failures of any 
> kind, just regular named startup. I would have expected BIND to provide a log 
> message saying it is loading an external plugin, or at least some kind of 
> initialization message from the plugin itself, but I see neither. What am I 
> doing wrong here?
> This is the relevant portion of my named.conf file:
> logging {
>   channel default_debug {
>     file "/var/log/named/named.log" versions 4 size 5m;
>     severity info;
>     print-time yes;
>   };
> };
> dynamic-db "ldap" {
>   library "ldap.so";
>   arg "uri ldap://ldap.ett.local";;
>   arg "base ou=dns,dc=ett,dc=local";
>   arg "auth_method simple";
>   arg "bind_dn cn=admin,dc=ett,dc=local";
>   arg "password secret";
>   arg "verbose_checks yes";
>   arg "serial_autoincrement yes";
> };

Interesting ...

What version of BIND and bind-dyndb-ldap packages are you using?
$ rpm -q bind bind-dyndb-ldap

I'm not sure how exactly the logging magic in BIND works so I would recommend
you to to run BIND using command:
$ named -g -u named
and check output in the console to see if it contains line like
'bind-dyndb-ldap version 8.0 compiled at 16:09:02 Jan 20 2016, compiler 5.3.1
20151207 (Red Hat 5.3.1-2)'

This message is logged at info level.

If it fails, I would recommend you to double-check that BIND is actually
reading the right configuration file :-) Add line "thismustsurelyfail" to
random places in named.conf and see ;-)

I hope it helps.

Petr^2 Spacek

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