On 02/19/2016 06:33 AM, Chris Addie wrote:
> I have two separate networks each with their own FreeIPA server(s) and I
> would like for users from network A to be able to be able to access services
> in network B, but not the other way around. The documentation for ipa
> trust-add seems to imply this is not possibly however as “Only trusts to
> Active Directory domains are supported right now.” It seems really odd that
> FreeIPA supports trusting a Windows AD domain but not another FreeIPA
> domain. Is this really the case?


> If so are IPA -> IPA trusts a feature that
> is planned for the future?

Yes :-)

> Is there some other way I could achieve this?

You can do hacks to achieve authentication part, but you would still miss
authorization or other parts. Please see details to my brief answer in our FAQ



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