On (19/02/16 14:54), Rakesh Rajasekharan wrote:
>>                ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>>        This usually mean critical error in sssd.
>> Please provide log files (sssd_$domain.log and krb5_child.log)
>I found this in my sssd-$domain.log
> [krb5_auth_prepare_ccache_name] (0x1000): No ccache file for user
>[tempuser] found
>so searching around I found that the permissions for the /tmp directory
>should be 777..
>setting it to 777 fixed the issue for me..
Actually, it should be 1777

sh$ ls -ld /tmp/
drwxrwxrwt. 11 root root 260 Feb 19 10:27 /tmp/
    This is important.


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